Looking for an investment? Emre & Fatih open their 2nd manager-run swim school with JUMP!

Emre Gul and Fatih Binyazar opened their second JUMP! Swim School a few weeks ago.

These long-time friends and entrepreneurs now own swim schools in Keilor Park and Sunbury, Victoria. Both are operated by managers while the pair continue working at their usual day-jobs.

Who are Fatih and Emre?

Childhood friends Fatih and Emre grew up in the Keilor Park and Tullamarine areas of Melbourne. Aside from owning two franchises together, the pair both work for NAB at the Head Office in Melbourne.

Fatih is a father to two young girls and loves soccer and motorbikes. He was even manager for FC Carlton Heart until recently!

Emre is an avid dirt bike rider and loves helping people. He said, “We both also love goofing around with kids and having fun and have been known for our little practical jokes on our friends and each other.”

Why did they decide to purchase a franchise with JUMP!?

“I was pretty frustrated with swimming classes for my two daughters at a large leisure centre and really didn’t enjoy the experience and neither did my daughters,” said Fatih.

“When I found out about JUMP! I instantly connected with the idea and the model and it fit my criteria of being able to create a business to run that allowed more time with my family. Additionally, it excited me to be involved in the development and safety of our kids in and around water…it’s not very often you get the opportunity to be part of a child’s development outside your own.

“Franchises weren’t necessarily what I was looking for but when the opportunity presented itself I did a bit of research together with Emre and organized to meet Ian to discuss the opportunity. What we found was that Ian and ourselves were pretty focused on meeting our goals and objectives and that we were aligned with what we wanted from the franchise versus what Ian was providing.”

“The franchise also is a good cultural fit for us.”


How will they balance running a business and family life?

“Having great people to help run the place and provide swimming lessons.

“We have hired a wonderful manager. Her name is Dilini and she is highly enthusiastic, well organised, brings a high degree of understanding of the industry, is great at maintaining and growing relationships with instructors and mums/dads … and she loves kids and having fun!!”


What’s their favourite part about owning a JUMP!?

“What we love the most is seeing our little swimmers develop and the smile they walk in and out with as they high-five our managers and instructors…Emre and I get a little over enthusiastic sometimes and high-five everyone that walks in…We even high-five our tradespeople sometimes and get a weird look!!”
Fatih Franchisee
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