Caroline & Trev want to retire early and plan for the future…so they bought a JUMP!

Caroline & Trevor Hatcher, owners of JUMP! Swim Schools Warragul, opened their swim school with over 400 students already booked in!

“We love our families! They had so much positive feedback on the day and we had prepped them in relation to how much they would have to pay on the day”, Caroline said.

“The community has been desperate to have something like this come to town, they only have the leisure centre for swimming.”

Who are Caroline and Trevor?

Caroline comes from a lengthy background in Regional Operations and Legal, and has spent 8 years in franchising.

Trevor is a stair builder and Joiner by trade.

The Hatcher’s are ready to make a huge difference to the Warragul community after having spent years volunteering heavily with German Shepherd Rescue Victoria.

“My husband Trevor and I have not been blessed with children so I was looking for an environment where I could get my “fix” on a daily basis. Volunteering has been such a rewarding part of life for us and makes our hearts sing and keeps a smile on our dials. We can’t wait to start this next chapter of our lives with JUMP! and begin teaching children to swim every day”, said Caroline.


Why did Caroline and Trevor decide to purchase a franchise with JUMP!?

“Trev and I want to retire early and plan for the future.  We have dreams of living literally across the road from the beach in a sleepy little town called Inverloch. This business model really does allow for early partial retirement as it can easily operate under management.

“I was looking for a shift in environment from a regional operations role with Hairhouse Warehouse to a similar role but within a completely different area. An Area Manager’s position was advertised for JUMP! so I applied. I started my research some 2 ½ years ago as I didn’t know anything about JUMP! (no kids) and needed to educate myself. I poured all over the website and once I realised the cost to get into this business and also what JUMP! was teaching, their philosophies and POD, well, I just had to be a part of it!”


What has the community been saying about a JUMP! coming to the area?

“Mums and Dads are thrilled that we are coming. They are after lessons with a point of difference where they can feel comfortable that their children will receive the best care and learning possible!”


How will they balance running a business and family life?

“Managers have been employed from Day 1. We plan on growing our own teachers and so are offering a ”Youth Program” within the community. We have hired 2 young people who have not been employed before. They were hired on personality and maturity rather than skill, and the idea is to employ them for a fixed term of 1 financial year. If they excel within the environment, we’ll get them AUSTSWIM-qualified and get them into the water as teachers.  “Growing Your Own” is the best way to continually have a bank of swim teachers ready to go, particularly if you need them for additional sites.

“At the 12-month mark I will likely start to take an additional couple of days off per week and start to hand over the reigns to Claire and Denise.”


What are they most looking forward to about running a JUMP!?

“It will be seeing the smiling faces of the kids every day as they look forward to their lessons.  Owning your own business makes the hard work not seem hard as you are reaping all of the rewards both financially and emotionally.”


What challenges do they see in the future?

“How quickly we can open schools number 2 and 3!”
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