Busy mum of 2 purchases a JUMP! to allow more family time

Mum of two, Jess Priest is set to open a swim school in Ringwood, VIC



Who is Jess?

Jess is a busy mum to two young children, Cooper and Zali, and is now the full-time manager at JUMP! Swim Schools Rowville.

Before becoming a mum, Jess was a Nurse at the Royal Children’s Hospital and before that a swimming instructor in her hometown of Bendigo.

“My partner Nick runs his own business as well, so returning to 12-hour shift-work was not really an option for me once we had the kids”, says Jess.

Why did she decide to purchase a franchise with JUMP!?

“I loved the years I taught swimming and it has always stayed with me and been something that I wanted to get back into, even when I was nursing. So we thought what better time to do it.”

“JUMP! Swim Schools stood out specifically as we found the business model was going to allow us the family time we were looking for, and coming from an instructor background I knew what I wanted in regards to the way classes and lessons were structured.”

What is she most looking forward to about owning a JUMP!?

“I’m looking forward to being able to run a business of my own and also be the mum and partner that I want to be. I think this is going to be a great family work life balance.”

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